about us

Hello + Welcome! 

The August People is a mom-owned, small business that was dreamed up during a time in my life where I felt like I could be more, give more + create more!

Some time ago I had a moment where I realized I was missing a big piece of me. I lost myself and my creativity somewhere along the way! That is when I began dreaming again + searching for that one thing that I could put my stamp on! After many failed ideas, bumpy roads, twists and turns here we are, The August People! 

The name The August People is derived from my childhood.  I am child of summer and I was born in August. I am also one of 12 children and we grew up on a farm, the perfect recipe for a magical childhood! August was the peak of summer for us, we ran barefoot, chased fireflies, played hide n seek, swam in the pond, climbed trees, camped out in the yard and absorbed every last moment those long summer days offered us. We lived, imagined and became the people of August. 

I am so lucky to have married my best friend  + we have been blessed with three children. Now it is my turn to give my children the childhood they deserve. Full of everything I want the August People to emulate - warmth, kindness, imagination, joy and most of all love. 

My goal is to give you a careful collection of good natured children's ware. Pieces you see in the shop are slowly considered and handpicked with simplicity + movement in mind.

Thank you for all your kindness + continued support. 


Sarah, John, Maren, Ezra + Arlo